VuPoint FC-C520-VP-BX2 Digital Film and Slide Scanner Review

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With the VuPoint FC-C520-VP-BX2 Digital Film and Slide Scanner will make your life much easier when you need to scan your old slides.  Even if your images have received the age of deterioration you can easily scan them. If you have some old school slides or family slides that are hanging around your room, you would find how efficient and convenient it is to convert those slides into image files by using this system.  It contains a computer Platform Compatibility for Mac, Windows 2000 ME/XP and Windows vista. The memory storage of this unit is about 32 MB. That’s a lot of space for storing your slide images.

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The VuPoint FC-C520-VP scanner has a user manual and an AC power adapter and an USB cable available. With the USB cables you can easily use and plug it in on to your computer whenever you would create slides and upload the film. You can easily install the software onto your computer to let you use this scanner very easily.

VuPoint FC-C520-VP-BX2 Features

  • Mac, Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista Compatiable
  • Built-In 32MB Memory Storage
  • Comes with AC Power Adapter, USB Cable,  User Manual and Software CD ROM
  • 11 x 5.6 x 4.5 inches  and 2.2 pounds

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With the vupoint slide Scanner is easy to operate. First insert the SC card into the scanner and plug in the power. Then put some slides in the slide holder and push it into the slot and press the start button. You only need to set up the resolution before the first scan, after that you can easily scan 3 slides at a time by putting them in the supplied slide holder.

You can get much higher quality of the image with the VuPoint digital film scanner. You films or slides won’t get deteriorated again if you convert them into digital images. They will stay in high quality on your computer disk for good.

VuPoint FC-C520-VP Review

After looking through the many reviews about the vupoint digital film and slide scanner, it is very obvious that the overwhelming majority of this scanner actually likes this scanner very much. One reviewer mentioned that this scanner was very easy to use and that after using the negatives in the slide he had some great slides stored on his computer with very high quality. While another has mentioned that is very easy to use with the USB plugged into your computer and that it is just that simple to load the slides with a push of a button. While another reviewer mentioned of how this slide scanner was easy to use and that it was very fast and that it worked better than all the other slide scanners that are out there.

There was however a couple of negative comments: one reviewer has said that it doesn’t work well on dark images, that it had a blue line across the images.  While another reviewer mentioned that the image showed up on the LCD screen perfectly but after it was saved it seemed to be blurry. The vupoint film scanner received a star rating of 3.3 stars at, which is not bad at all. There were 33 mostly positive reviews and a few negative ones about this scanner. Click here to check it out.

Based on the reviews that I read through the VuPoint FC-C520-VP-BX2 Digital Film and Slide Scanner, I highly recommend this product for anyone who is searching for a fast and easy to use scanner that provides the highest quality of pictures.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (7 votes, average: 3.43 out of 5)
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