Wolverine Data SNaP100 Negatives, Slides and Photos to Digital Image Scanner Review

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If keeping your old photos and negatives is a huge problem to you then get your hands on Wolverine Data SNaP100 negatives, slides and photos to digital image scanner to solve it. This is a very powerful and modern device that can be used to easily have your old photos, negatives and 35mm slides preserved forever. There is no reason anymore to lose touch with old memories that gladdens the heart, if you attach any importance to old photos, negatives and slides you have taken at one time or that were handed over to you, keeping them forever is easy with this device.

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This is quite innovative as before now, it has been near impossible to keep photo negatives for a reasonable length of time without getting damaged. The design of the Wolverine Data SNaP100 is such that with a built-in color screen, SD memory card reader and internal memory, photos, negatives and slides can be converted into digital images within seconds and all these can happen without a computer!

Wolverine Data SNaP100 Features

  • Scans 5×7, 4×6, 3×5 photos,
  • Scans 35mm films, slides and negatives
  • Scans without a PC or any scftware
  • 5.1 mega pixel CMOS.
  • Built-in 2.4″ color monitor
  • Scan, adjust and play slides shows
  • Mac and PC compatible.

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There is so much technical detail that is given to this device that one would begin to wonder if it would not require a lot of technical knowledge before it can be effectively used. This is however not the case because every feature that is on the device comes with clearly marked signs of what they are and what they are expected to do. So there is really no difficulty that can be encountered especially when the user-manual is followed.

There is a 2.4” color screen that is built directly into the wolverine digital scanner and this is used for the viewing of the images during the process of adjusting, playing and scanning slide shows. Viewing images this way already gives the user the idea of the high quality of the finished product that is to be expected.  The Wolverine snap100 film scanner works like no other electronic device in its category because it makes use of a unique stand-alone operation in which case there is no need for software or a computer to operate.

Although for its operation, the device does not rely on the use of a computer but wolverine data snap100 has a USB plug and play and it is compatible with PC and MAC. The device is powered by electricity and on a single charge or operation; it can copy up to 15 GB.

Wolverine SNaP100 Film Scanner Reviews

The Wolverine Data SNaP100 negatives, slides and photos to digital image scanner has received stellar 59 reviews. Nearly every review we were able to find online gave this slide scanner is a five star rating. A couple of complaints that were shared by some customers revealed that they observed artifacts on images produced after prolonged use. The embossing of another image on scanned images was believed to be a weakness in the efficiency of the product. However this is not true as they confessed several copies were produced before they made this observation. All that is required is to make sure that the directives as given in the user-manual are followed strictly. This more than anything will guide against such an occurrence. Click here to read more reviews.

If you will like to keep in touch with some past scenes in your life through photos you have taken, the perfect solution for you is to get a Wolverine Data SNaP100 slide scanner.

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