SVP FS1800 Digital Film And Slide Scanner

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The SVP FS-1800 digital film and slide scanner is an innovative standalone scanner scanning films and instantly converting the 35mm film negatives and the slides into digital images. This is without the need for a computer or even any software. A person can preserve all the photo memories by simply turning the millions of the photographs in the form of slides and the negatives into digital images and store them for as long as necessary. This device is very simple to use, it also works right out of the box producing a five megapixel digital images within just 5 seconds, just by a push of a button.

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The device also features 5mega pixel scanning chip. (I.e. 2592×1680 pixels, 3600 dpi) which produces images that are large enough to be printed on an A4 size page. This is unlike devices of similar nature that are in the market. SVP FS-1800 Digital Film Scanner does not require a computer or even learning a new software program. In addition, it takes very little operational space and occupies limited space therefore can be easily stored and transported.

SVP FS 1800 Scanner Features

  • Scans 35mm slides and color/monochrome negatives
  • Fast five seconds conversion speed with touch of a button
  • Compatible with Mac 10.4, Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista
  • View or edit images with built-in 2.4″ color LCD monitor
  • Save images on SD memory cards via embedded MMC/SD slot
  • Features Auto Exposure and Color Balance
  • Features playback, preview, and editing functions

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The SVP fs-1800 digital film scanner is a little bit faster than other digital scanners in the market; this might pose a small problem to those who are used to waiting for a long time for the scanning process to be complete.

SVP FS-1800 Scanner Review

Most customers found it helpful to use and reliable in downloading especially old negatives of ages ago.  Some customers thought that this device provides a great way of saving memories. It was very helpful since it can download images to the SD memory that could later be of great use in the digital picture frame. The performance of the SVP film and slide scanner was found to be very fast and easy to use.

SVP fs-1800 scanner has a great resolution. It can be hooked on the TV and the pictures play for the full family viewing.  Most customers thought that the price was worth the product; it is very efficient and reliable to use. Some said that they have really found it helpful in the saving of the discs and saved files that they had as it is very user friendly. Some customers were able to transfer about 2000 slides with the help of this device. Click here to read more reviews.

The only problem that was encountered was the fact that it could not scan some of the images that were too old.  Some customers though that this device had a little bit tricky instructions, which were later well figured out.

SVP FS 1800 film and slide scanner is very efficient and effective.  It is also fast and easy to use once the user manual is well mastered. The resolution is amazingly great, the flexibility and fast scanning speed are really remarkable. This device is the greatest in the market. It has been given an overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5. It goes for just $ 109.95. Click here to check it out.

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