SVP FS 1700 Digital Film 35mm Negative and Slide Scanner Review

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The thought of how the perfect quality which old photographs can be maintained forever has been on the minds of many people and the conclusion reached was that this was impossible. If you had thought so, you shouldn’t anymore because there is a perfect solution for this problem now in the form of SVP FS 1700 digital film 35mm negative and slide scanner. With this modern device, it is now possible to keep old photos in good forms that can be viewed from time to time or even shared.

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It could be one long arduous task to have all the prints scanned. Apart from the fact that having the films processed in the lab would be too expensive, it would also be too time consuming for anyone to enjoy. The device is small and compact in size and the size may not be suggestive of its capabilities. It can be used for the scanning of negative as well as positive classic 35mm films. The device comes with two adaptors and these are meant for strips of 3 slides or 6 frames.

SVP FS 1700 Slide Scanner Features

  • Scans all 35mm color / monochrome negatives and slides
  • Scans into digital files at the touch of a button
  • Takes less than a second to scan each negative or slide
  • 5MP CMOS sensor and fixed focus
  • Automatic color balance and exposure control
  • Scans images and provides
  • Produce super sharp, 3,600 dpi high resolution images
  • Three white LED’s are used as a back light source
  • Ideal for preserving images from special events.

It is quite easy to make use of this SVP slide scanner and there is really no technical stuff that can get anyone discouraged. There are CD containing drives and a user application which help to make the process simple and by connecting the device to the PC through a USB port, the whole process gets initiated. The process involved is so simple and well designed that it is possible to check what the final output will eventually be like.

When images of the final outputs are viewed, there may be need for corrections to be made. There are correction settings for adjusting the output of images before the final output is stored like the brightness, saturation, hue and contrast may be corrected. With a 5mpix scanning chip which the device has, the production of images that are large enough for printing can be carried out.

All monochrome or 35 color negatives as well as mounted slides can be easily converted into digital form with as little as a touch of a button. There is a special sensor in the SVP FS 1700 digital film 35mm negative and slide scanner, the 5MP CMOS sensor, converts data through 10 bits per color channel. The exposure control as well as the color balance which are automatic in the device and it also makes use of a fixed focus for capturing the images to be processed.

SVP FS 1700 Negative and Slide Scanner Reviews

Our research into the SVP FS 1700 negative and slide scanner turned up a lot of positive reviews. On the SVP FS 1700 film slide scanner received a 4 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. Since there are not too many buttons on this device, it is shouldn’t be a difficult device to control. Nonetheless just like any other device, it requires some measure of mastery for anyone to make the best out of it. A few complaints were recorded by some people with the use of this device but majorly they had to do with non-adherence to instructions as given in the user-manual guide which is user-friendly enough.

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